MDI learning transfer platform

Integrated learning transfer platform.

Managing and monitoring learning transfer.

Since 2014 work with the learning transfer platform Promote®. The platform is a proven, web-based tool developed by trainers for everyone involved in the development of others. Especially human resource and learning and development managers can benefit from the tool by directly managing and monitoring the learning and development process of any participant in any development measure.

Value at one glance

  • Guaranteed learning transfer
  • Visibility of individual learning and development progress
  • Supervision of the on-the-job application pre and after a training
  • Networking and peer learning with trainers, participants and line managers
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hassle-free administration and customization
  • E-learning nuggets
  • Focus on the practice during the training by effective pre- and post-tasks
  • Optional integration of line managers as learning companions

Achieve best results by means of


  • May serve as preparation tasks of programs or
  • to apply what has been learned after the module and
  • can be tailor-made with different learning assignments, contents and functions including eLearning.



  • Targets are clearly defined,
  • synchronized and evaluated by managers and peers and
  • co-designed by HR.


Social Learning

  • Installed to share reflections with the group,
  • to help each other learn,
  • to share best-practices and successful application and
  • to visualize learning progress.

Our learning transfer platform is also available in a license-only way to be used for your internal training and development measures.

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70-20-10 applied with the learning transfer platform

As you know for sure, the 70-20-10 rule states that successful development of people is achieved

  • 70% by actual experience and learning by doing
  • 20% by people in their surrounding
  • 10% by training and reading


At out learning transfer platform this rule of success for effective development is met by

  • 70 % Learning on-the-job
    • Pre- and post-tasks related to individual and real cases
    • Real-time supervision and support of the on-the-job application by trainers and coaches
    • Application made visible by individual tasks and targets
  • 20% Social learning
    • Networking between trainers, participants and line managers
    • Group discussion and reflexion
    • Peer coaching of real life cases
    • Collective knowledge sharing
  • 10% Effective training
    • Focus on the practice during the training possible by effective pre- and post-tasks and information
    • Process of the previously shared real cases
    • Training contents, presentation and documentation easily available at one place

When the tool meets the strategy

Have you already seen the page about our approach in learning and development following the four levels of Kirkpatrick?

If you are already a follower of the Kirkpatrick approach or plan to use it in the future in order to directly contribute to your organisations’ goals by creating effective development measures, the learning transfer platform is the perfect tool for you.

It allows you to both apply, monitor and adapt level three to one which means

  • Change of behaviour
  • Learning success
  • Participant satisfaction

More about Kirkpatrick and the four levels.

You can't imagine how the learning transfer platform works?

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