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MDI - Evaluation - Our approach in leadership training

Our approach.

Reasoned steps for your success.

Referring to the four levels of training evaluation of Kirkpatrick – participant satisfaction, learning success, change of behaviour and organisational success – and following the new world model organisational success is where to start. For maximum effectiveness of your development measures we ask the following questions:

  • For organisational success: What are the aims and expectations of the company? Which results should be achieved and how can they be measured?
  • For change of behavior: Which behavior of employees is necessary in order to achieve those aims and expectations?
  • For learning success: What should the employess know after the training? Which tools, techniques and tricks should they master?
  • For participant satisfaction: How can the process of the training can be done in order that all persons involved feel good and are happy in the end?

Therewith we achieve results far beyond happy sheets.

Application plan in practice

Based on your needs, possibilities and goals we develop an individual action plan for your measures and programs. Therewith all processes and tasks are transparent, traceable and ready to share with relevant stakeholders at any time.

Our training approach

Our trainings are conducted by highly qualified trainers with profound management experience. Our approach for trainings is:

  • Practice and solution orientated
  • Trainers who share their longstanding experience
  • Well-proven methods and exercises that encourage experimenting and implementing in the daily work process
  • Learning by personal experiences – at individual and corporate level
  • Fun and enthusiasm

Your contact

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Managing Director & Head of Business Development

Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze Level
+43 1 524 17 17 17

Kirkpatrick approach

We use the Kirkpatrick approach in order to design development measure contributing directly and measurably to organisations’ goals.

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