Sustainable leadership culture for a better world.

That is the vision we have at MDI and that is why we have made it our mission to provide sustainable consulting services to organizations striving for a better world.

We focus on the consulting fields: 

Agile Transformation:

The mindset, skillset and toolset of agile leadership. We help e.g. with the introduction of

Agile goal and performance management such as OKR

Agile leadership, e.g. lateral leadership, servant leadership, distributed leadership, inclusive leadership

Motivation 3.0, e.g. Autonomy Day, Purpose Statements

Learning environments: We advise and support you in the optimal use of existing and innovative technologies (such as MS Teams, VR, MS Teams, LMS, E-Learnings, OKR Tools). Together we develop the appropriate learning strategy to unleash the full potential of your leaders.

Agile innovation methods

Organizational development with focus on corporate culture and mindset needed for agile work

Leadership system

Leadership development: e.g. introduction or revision of leadership development programs

Agile Leadership Development 

Leadership principles: Initial development or revision

Leadership skills

Leadership culture

The MDI Consulting targets

Companies that have set out on the path of agile transformation.

Start Ups, that are right at the beginning of their big journey.

International large companies that work on their leadership system.

Our world view and our values


Our world view is humanistic, systemic and holistic. We meet people with esteem, openness and tolerance and see a regular review of the value system as the basis for our leadership and consulting work. The right combination of challenging and caring, economic and psychological perspectives contributes to a healthy, sustainable organizational development.

In every consulting intervention we consider the possible effects on different system parts in your company and adapt the approach by means of regular feedback loops.

We see in people not only their physical, but also their psychological and spiritual identity. In order to achieve sustainable changes, the inclusion of environment, behaviour, abilities, values/belief systems and the three levels of identity (physical, mental and spiritual) helps.

The MDI consulting approach


In order to achieve agile business transformation, it is worthwhile to align work on the transformation dimensions portfolio, culture, HR, leadership, processes, structure and strategy. The three main principles (mindset) of agile leadership – transparency, iteration and empowerment – are suitable for defining and tracking target states in the trafo-dimensions.

Our consulting approach is pragmatic and implementation-oriented. Often it requires both solution and cause orientation. Reflecting on the past and acting in the now enables a conscious shaping of the future. For example, the future can be planned in three horizons:

  1. Further development of existing solutions,
  2. growth solutions and
  3. future solutions.

We adapt process and technical consulting, questions and input, to the respective consulting situation as required. Our consulting projects are set up in a lean way. Our goal is the fastest possible and sustainable independence of the client from the consultant. A walk the talk attitude of the consultant serves as the basis for credibility and authenticity.

Our USPs are internationality and sustainable implementation support. We work in all major languages and on all continents. 100 consultants also have training and coaching experience, which means you get consulting and implementation training/workshops from one source.


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