Flexible and digital training formats for leadership development

Leaders need new competences and modern solutions to acquire them.

We enable intensive and practice-oriented learning with our digital training formats for leadership development.

Our digital formats at a glance

From e-learning nuggets to online leadership programs

Cross-border teams are the rule today, and training programs must also follow this development.

We have developed didactics and know-how to convey learning content in digital trainings in a compact, entertaining and effective way.


We produce ready-to-use, on demand & personalized e-learnings



We consult on the digital transformation of trainings and knowledge

Blended Learning

We support the implementation of a digital & modern learning culture

Virtual Leadership

We offer masterclasses (open, in-house) & online courses

Virtual Reality

Our VR workshops combine virtual reality technology with successful learning techniques

Learning Transfer

We guarantee measurable transfer assurance and controlling that can be accessed at any time


E-learning formats are becoming increasingly popular: short videos, integrated infographics or knowledge checks are a good way of learning content in compact modules. In this way, learning effectiveness and entertainment factor are increased at the same time, and this is not even time- or location-dependent.

Ready-to-use, on Demand & Personalized

  • interactive with knowledge checks & transfer materials
  • Easy to integrate into any learning platform (LMS)
  • Can be used platform-independently

Ready-to-use E-Learnings

We do not see learning as a one-time event – but as a continuous process. Our e-learnings offer the optimal support for transfer-oriented and sustainable learning and support employees and leaders in their individual development.

  • developed and produced together with qualified experts
  • Videos and interactive e-learnings – mp4 / SCORM 1.2 packages for integration into LMS/LXP
  • HD video quality
  • usable for an unlimited number of learners
  • Incl. 3-year right of use
  • Available in individual corporate design as an optional extra
  • can be combined with MDI Masterclasses or trainings for maximum learning transfer

On Demand E-Learnings

 If required content is not included in our e-learning list and no further personalization is needed, we produce content on demand within a maximum of 3 months.

  • Incl. 3-year right of use
  • For an unlimited number of users
  • Incl. CD Basic  
  • Incl. SCORM package

Personalized e-learnings

We enable “personalized learning” in the company with our personalized e-learning and produce e-content that fits your corporate culture and identity. 

Based on internal expertise and topics, we develop a didactically optimized script for your videos, web-based trainings or explanatory films. We digitize knowledge from data sheets, presentations, scripts, workshops, instructions, etc. and package them in attractive microlearnings.

  • For knowledge transfer within the company 
  • Unlimited number of users, unlimited duration of use
  • Right of use incl. exploitation rights for further processing
  • In A1 CD – promotes employer branding
  • Incl. roadmap for further use for knowledge management with maximum impact

E-Learning Package

Included services:

  • Didactic script: courses are designed using didactic learning principles, e.g. storytelling or anchor setting.
  • Professional experts: Our content is presented by experienced trainers and experts. We are convinced of person-centered e-Learning.
  • Animations: Overlays, graphics and sound effects in the right place support the learning experience. 
  • Texts/ Transcript: Embedded between each learning video, each video virtually for reference – supports different learning types.
  • SCORM Export: Packaged as a 1.2 SCORM package (htlm5) for easy integration into your LMS. 

*Included with all new standard courses from 2021 and standard courses on demand.

E-Learning Add-ons

Can be added to ready-to-use, on-demand, and personalized content.  

  • Pdf-Book: Course content as a learning book for download. Includes graphics, photos, self-test and space for notes. Promotes multidimensional learning.
  • Transfer map/ Micromap: Important content graphically presented and clearly summarized on one page. Ideal for downloading and printing.
  • CD BASIC: The entire course is equipped with your company signature. Corporate design embedding (logo, disclaimer).
  • CD PLUS: We are happy to embed your existing signature into the course. Corporate Design (Logo, Disclaimer) and Corporate Intro/ Outro.
  • CD PRO: A personalized signature strengthens your employer branding. CD (logo, disclaimer), corporate intro/outro, creation of a logo/title animation and embedding.
  • Social media teaser: the highlights as a preview in 1 minute (incl. subtitles). To promote on internal & external social media channels.
  • Subtitles: Make the course internationally usable. *Excluding translation costs.

Glimpse into our E-Learnings


We consult on the digital transformation of training programs and knowledge – from platform selection to content. 

  • We provide independent consulting for the selection of the optimal learning platform for your company.
  • We analyze the infrastructure for e-readyness
  • We search for and curate suitable e-learnings
  • We accompany the implementation (incl. roll-out, communication strategy and beyond go live)

Blended Learning

Digital learning modules for leaders offer added value on their own – but their full power unfolds as an individually designed and digital blended learning journey that lasts over a specific period of time.

We support the implementation of a transfer-oriented learning culture. 

  • We activate the willingness to develop and the right mentality among the learners.
  • We support learning within the organization

Blended Learning Journey

We are happy to provide an insight into our approach and examples.

Step 1 – Determine individual development goals
Step 2 – Analyze competencies to be developed
Step 3 – Plan individual learning journey
Step 4 – Complete the Journey including e-learnings
Step 5 – Exchange experiences & consolidate what has been learned 

Virtual Leadership

Face-to-face training alone has long since ceased to be sufficient to accompany leaders on development paths. Participants’ expectations of learning content have also changed. We help to make leadership development more agile with

Masterclasses (open, in-house) & online courses

  • Virtual Leadership of Teams
  • Successful Virtual Facilitation
  • Being productive in the home office
  • Self Leadership: Successfully getting back on track

Virtual Reality

Our VR workshops powered by jenson8, combine virtual reality technology with successful learning techniques and the power of play.

When workshops are not constrained by the conditions in a room, anything can happen – space craft encounters, underwater hazards, flying and defying gravity, shrinking and playing with scale.

In our virtual worlds, participants experience challenging situations to learn how stress and their reactions to it affects work outcomes.

Go beyond digital

… and make it experiential: We offer a range of different applications to meet a wide range of training needs: 

  • Evoke real emotions and simulate time pressure 
  • Demonstrate true behaviors & microaggressions
  • Put leaders in scenarios that develop their ethical thinking and decision-making skills and strengthen your corporate culture.

We go beyond digital to bring training content to life

Digital Learning Transfer

Measurable transfer assurance and controlling of the participants’ development status that can be accessed at any time are the key benefits of the Promote® learning transfer platform.

The underlying problem is that often only a few (specifically one out of six) training participants actually implement what they have learned in their daily work.

This wastes both time and financial resources.

Why Promote®?

  • Visibility of individual learning progress
  • Group networking and learning
  • User-friendly interface, 
  • E-learning units (videos, quizzes, …)
  • Practical focus for face-to-face training 
  • Optional involvement of leaders

What can we support you with?

Whether it’s virtual leadership, e-learning, e-consulting, blended learning or virtual reality, we look forward to making your leadership development more modern, flexible and digital.

Our Digital Training Formats

for Leadership Development …

… are aimed at Leadership & Development as well as HR managers and HR developers who want to design agile training formats. And to leaders who implement digital transformation, as well as digital key users who boldly go forward and motivate others.