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OKR Facilitator Training

From preparation to implementation in your own company


Invented by Intel and made known by Google, OKR is used today with great success in a constantly increasing number of companies of all industries and company sizes: trivago, Bayer, Ebay, LinkedIn and many others rely on the legitimate and modern successor of MbO.

This training offers the optimal preparation for future OKR facilitators and the implementation of OKR in your company or team. The 2-day seminar is the perfect kick-off for the agile leadership method or the performance management system “Objectives and Key Results” (OKR).

Become an OKR Facilitator and put your company / team on the road to success!


OKR Facilitator Training

1 Date available

  • 23.4.2020 – 24.4.2020

    With Mag. Gunther Fürstberger & Dominik Etzl
    in Wien
    990,00 €

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Online collaboration at its best – A simple & hands-on approach

Home office can be great – but effective collaboration in a pure online setup quite challenging.

There are so many gadgets, tools, methods, etc. that are designed to save time and make your life and remote work easier – yet they sometimes fail at it. Because it’s not so much about what you use, but how you approach remote working.

So let’s make you an online collaboration expert!
We invite you to empower yourself to design your personal collaboration style and system that works in your individual situation now. No matter if you’re actually at home right now or still at the office – sign up quickly for this remote Master Class and rock your remote work!

Date: 16.03.2020 12:30 pm

Costs: free

Language: Englisch

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MDI Leadership Horizon

Unravel your best leadership potential in the digital age

Horizon 1

What do you as a leader need right now – tools, strategies, mindset – to be successful in the digital age? What supports your core business right now? And how to successfully surf the constant waves of change?

Horizon 2

What is coming in the near future? How will the digital transformation proceed? What will soon influence your daily leadership life? And what do you need to grow, create and innovate in the next 2 – 3 years?

Horizon 3

What is written on your big sign? Where do you want to go and grow? How will the world develop in the upcoming 3 – 10 years? Which challenge to tackle, which chance to seize? And what is the impact you want to have in this world?