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Leadership Development

We support leaders worldwide. We are specialized in tailor-made and sustainable leadership development measures - from a one-day seminar to blended learning journeys.


We work together with +250 trainers from 6 offices worldwide. This allows us to roll out your leadership development programs exactly where you need them.

Digital Training Formats

We help to make leadership development more agile with e-learnings, blended learning journeys, virtual leadership, virtual reality, digital learning transfer etc.

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Sneak Peek of our programs for Leadership Development:

Virtual Reality for Leaders Workshop – ask for your desired date or a VR Demonstration

We show you how leaders learn immersively using VR. Experience three exciting perspectives for L&D: As a participant,  coach &  as an observer.

IDG-Power Workshop: Sustainable Transformation in 2 Days 

Embark on a transformative journey with our upcoming 2-day workshop. Together, let’s collaboratively build tangible components for a culture of sustainability within your organization. 

OKR Facilitator Training:

Ask for your desired date

Short planning cycles, maximum transparency, high employee motivation. Bring the agile leadership method into your team and company.

Our Porfolio

offers you stability through agility


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Our approach

There are many challenges for the modern leaders of tomorrow Permanent change, scarcer time and increasingly complex tasks can only be effectively mastered with an agile and solid understanding of leadership. We support leaders on all organizational levels in optimizing performance and working atmosphere. Our focus is the development of an agile mind-, tool- and skillset. Our learning effectiveness is achieved by embracing latest technologies and continuously researching how leaders learn and increase their impact. MDI’s highly qualified consulting team helps you to lift leadership development in your company to a new level – worldwide from 6 locations, with more than 250 trainers.  Together we build sustainable leadership culture for your success and a better world


 As an official Inner Development Goals (IDG) collaborating partner, we are committed to actively engaging with other stakeholders, organizations, and individuals, to promote the integration of transformational skills for sustainable development into our Leadership Development. We aim to facilitate dialogue, knowledge sharing, and collaboration to advance the agenda of the IDGs.



From personality to team development to individual coachings – we always adapt to your specific challenges!

Local - International - global

With + 250 trainers worldwide, all leadership trainings can be delivered with local trainers in the national language.


Focus on learning effectiveness

We are successful if your employees integrate what they have learned into their real working life in a sustainable way. 


More than just training

Proven methods, online learning transfer platform and individual support before, during and after your training.

We support leaders who aspire to a better world.

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