Lateral Leadership (German)


Gain commitment and achieve goals

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Lateral Leadership


Gain commitment and achieve goals

Modern forms of cooperation – within flat management structures, matrix or expert organizations – demand a new understanding of leadership. Leadership at eye level means without the hierarchical authority of a manager having to exert influence in order to achieve goals together.

Classical leadership tools reach their limits. With the Commitment Game Plate our approach of lateral leadership at eye level provides an instrument for the core tasks of a lateral leader: strategy development and communication.

Are you a lateral manager or an expert in the field?

Then the following program awaits you in the seminar Lateral Leadership at Eye Level:

Learning contents

  • Commitment game board – situation analysis and strategic course setting
  • Key people, authority at eye level and strategic options
  • Success factor communication – Yin/Yang-Commitment
  • Building trust, convincing and achieving sustainable agreements
  • Dealing with resistance, conflicts and power games

Learning Objectives

  • dealing with your special role as a leader without disciplinary power
  • know and analyze the essential success factors for the implementation of your projects  
  • ability to use relevant communication strategies to win over your fellow players for your concerns


  • online pre-work: Individual definition of goals, preparatory tasks
  • Training: 2 days
  • Online follow-up: transfer tasks, target controlling, follow-up webinar including check of your results


Your Trainer Mag. Gunther Fürstberger


Gunther Fürstberger is the managing director of MDI Management Development International and has dedicated himself for more than 20 years to the topic of leadership and development as a trainer, coach and consultant for large companies from a wide range of industries. Lateral leadership is his area of expertise. 


Your impression of the seminar “Leading at eye level?

I benefited a lot from the two seminar days, but also from the design of the entire learning process. In the transfer phase, a few weeks after the training, we had a short webinar. The mere fact that the topic is not finally completed with the training, but is followed by a further examination of the content, meant that what was learned was not forgotten so quickly. The topics have remained more present with regard to the webinar. As a result, I have been able to bring the contents more consciously into my everyday work.

MMag. Sabine Trost

participant , Veterinärmedizinische Universität Vienna

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Gaining commitment as a lateral leader

by Gunther Fürstberger and Tanja Ineichen

Commitment gewinnen als laterale Führungskraft - Fachbuch

Commitment Game Plate

Analyze the commitment of your players

Commitment Spielplatte - Laterale Führung

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