2-day workshop

Embedded in an approximately 2-month online course, participants work in a 2-day intensive workshop on a concrete case from their own team or company with a focus on all aspects of winning commitment.



A training course with three modules based on each other extends over a period of approximately 6 months and consists of a continuous online course as well as 4 attendance days. The own case study accompanies participants over the whole period, numerous touchpoints in virtual or physical form allow them to really go into depth and develop understanding and a solid tool and skill set around lateral leadership.

Online course only - NEW

e-Learning nuggets, webinars, virtual support by peers and trainers as well as practical transfer tasks are the main components of the Online Only course of lateral leadership. Similar to the course, the development period is about 6 months.

Lateral Leadership At Eye Level (in German)

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    Possible objectives of the training formats

    gaining insights into the core tasks of lateral leadership strategy development and communication,
    learn how to successfully use the Yin-Yang communication technique and build up trust with your colleagues,
    how to apply the commitment gameboard for an institution analysis,
    how to gain commitment in 3 steps (building and establishing trust, clarifying purpose and interests, optimal benefit and minimal escalation)
    how to deal with resistance, conflicts and power games and
    how to implement these methods in everyday practice.

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    Target group and benefits


    Lateral leadership is relevant for all those who want to implement their projects without positional power, such as holders of staff positions, experts, project managers or internal service providers. Various lateral leadership tools help you to implement your plans and win the commitment of your employees and colleagues.

    Learn more about the concept in these videos with Gunther Fürstberger

    Extract from our lateral leadership tools

    The commitment gameboard

    Together with the two leadership experts Gunther Fürstberger and Tanja Ineichen, MDI has developed the Commitment Gameboard – an interactive self-coaching tool that accompanies the implementation of their projects and lateral projects. The idea behind the Commitment game board is simple: Based on specific questions, the tool guides the user through a short self-coaching process: Who is relevant for my planned project? How much trust do the participants have in me/the project? How much power do the participants have?

    The Yin-Yang communication techniques

    Communication at eye level is at the center of the lateral leadership relationship. As a lateral leader, you find yourself in many different communication situations – you have to influence, convince, sell, negotiate, listen, cooperate, advise and guide through questions. This is why you need a communication model that is quick and easy to use in everyday work. The Yin Yang communication model shows that effective communication requires a balance between active and passive contributions which is exactly where this comes in. Yin stands for the passive, the perceiving part, where it is about building resonance, listening to the partner and asking effective questions. On the Yang level, it is a matter of proactively introducing one’s own topics, influencing and convincing the partner.

    Learn more about Yin-Yang communication: