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Success as a lateral leader.

Download proven tools and training material.

Lateral leadership is THE leadership model of the future!

Welcome in our learning transfer and training area for the target group of lateral leaders. Here we grant a look behind the scenes of our lateral leadership trainings and show you how to approach development in order to guarantee learning transfer.

If you happen to be a lateral leader yourself – by the way, most people are – this is also your personal development area.

You may use any material at your own convenience and for free!

Learning videos

Video impulse: A paradigm shift in our leadership approach

The circular cone from above replaces the classical hierarchy pyramid and symbolises a new understanding of leadership and cooperation.


Video impulse: The Aim’s Grid as a practical tool

The Aim’s Grid is a thinking tool helping to execute ideas and projects effectively and to understand the different dimensions of goals as well as their interdependencies among each other.

Model based on: Coverdale Team Management Deutschland GmbH



Why to use learning videos?

Learning videos are the perfect measure to

  • prepare content for an upcoming training
  • to clarify content during a training
  • to refresh content after a training
  • and to give valuable impulse for on-the-job application of learned content.

For trainings our MDI learning videos are always provided on our learning transfer platform.


Pre-reading – Gaining commitment as a lateral leader

Cover Pre-read Lateral Leadership

Preparative content for lateral leadership trainings

The 5-page pre-reading prepares participants for upcoming lateral leadership trainings by introducing topics and tools like the Commitment Gameboard and the Yin/Yang Commitment Communication. In the training itself these contents are deepened and exercised in practice.




Why to use pre-readings?

Our trainings always focus on the on-the-job application of learned content. Therefore we work with pre-reads distributed 2-6 weeks before a training session in order to introduce complexe contents and models. In the training itself there is a short repetition of these contents and time for questions, of course, but then the practical exercises can start much earlier.

Pre-readings always are provided on our learning transfer platform.


Transfer card – Gaining commitment as a lateral leader

Cover transfer card lateral leadership

The 2-page transfer card displays the most important tools of successful lateral leaders at one glance. There are tools for the lateral leader as a strategist on the one hand and as a communicator on the other hand – both in order to gain maximum commitment for plans, ideas and projects.



What is a transfer card?

Transfer cards are a MDI standard measure to guarantee the knowledge transfer of learned and heard content. Participants receive them at the end of training sessions in a handy format (DIN A5). The cards display the most important content of a training session and therewith are the ideal tools to take learned content right to everyday work life.


You have questions about the provided material or want to talk about learning transfer measures for your internal trainings?

Our consulting team is looking forward to compare notes with you.