MDI learning transfer guarantee

MDI learning transfer guarantee.

Our promise for your success.

We consider ourselves successful when you put learnings into practice permanently and become more successful as a manager or leader! You will therefore not only experience exciting seminar days with us (of course you will also have those!) but you – as a participant –  will work rigorously on implementing learnings in your daily work with the help of the MDI learning transfer platform and further tools and concepts.

Pillars of the MDI learning transfer guarantee

It might sound overblown but we really guarantee learning transfer!

Normally only one out of six participants applies what he/she learned during a training (Brinkerhoff study). We target five out of six!

This is possible by using a set of tools and concepts perfectly concerted:

Learning transfer guarantee with our platform in detail

We work with an interactive and web-based learning transfer platform before, during and after training sessions. For participants the usage of this tool is a learning transfer guarantee by

  • user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • visibility of individual learning targets and progress
  • social learning and networking with trainers, other participants and line managers (the latter are optional)
  • on-the-jobs tasks before and after the training to guarantee that learned behaviour is applied
  • focus on practice and exercise during the training due to these tasks
  • online support from trainer and coach before and after the training
  • all training material at one place
  • implementation of e-learning nuggets

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