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Training program for production managers

Training program for production managers

Industry: Trade in construction materials, Roll-Out: Europe, Asia

Project duration

since 2012


Program procedure & hard facts

  • Training participants are released from work for one year
  • 2 program groups per year
  • 5 leadership modules per program
  • Each leadership module taking place in another factory
  • Various work specific modules (e.g. labour law, …)
  • Stay abroad in a foreign factory
  • Supervised project work during the whole length of the program including final presentation in front of the steering committee

Program target

Participants get an overview of the most important leadership tools and therewith reach a new level of responsibility within the organisation.


Target group

  • Production managers



Austria, China, Germany



Training topics

  • Basic leadership tools
  • Successful communication
  • Conducting employee talks & feedback
  • Conflict management and conflict communication
  • Performance management
  • Leading change

Learning transfer measures

Practical transfer tasks, transfer card, involvement of the line managers, learning diary, coaching sessions, individual definition and evaluation of goals, mentoring program, meetings with the steering committee…


Starting situation and project insights

The starting situation was our customers plan to realise an intense and tailor-made program for line managers within the organisation covering soft skills as well as leadership topics and work specific modules in order to develop high potentials.

In cooperation with MDI the Shopfloor Leadership Program was created. Our part was first and foremost the conception, design of content and realisation of the five leadership modules as well as of the kick-off and closure event of the program. Each year for one group in Germany and Austria and one group in China.

The kick-off events take place one day after the preceding run’s closure event. This way participants who just completed the program encounter the new-starters for an informal exchange.

The projects are worked out in small groups and centre on relevant topics for the organisation. Examples from the past are: How can we organize a reasonable succession planning? How can we retain staff sustainably? How can we achieve cost reduction in production unit X?

MDI trainers supervise the project works. In their role as reflection guides they help to deal with questions like: What is our project status? Which critical milestones are reached? What is missing for a successful finalization?

Therewith the leadership program is not only a measure to develop high potentials and therewith strengthen the organisation. It does also directly contribute to improve the organisation’s performance by developing well-educated leaders actively realising improvement potentials.