When it comes to development of employees and leaders it’s all about transferring learned things into the working practice of the participants and to anchor content and new behaviour in their heads. “Application on-the-job” is the relevant keyword and a huge challenge which we face, among other things, with the tool of transfer cards. In this post you find the transfer card for “Leading teams”.

Transfer cards

Transfer cards are one of our standard tools which we use at the end of any development measure to ensure learning transfer. The most important strategies, tips and instructions of a training are displayed on a laminated A5-card and are therewith distributed to the participants right after the training. This way they can access the most important learned tools at any time, quickly and directly at their working place. From an HR point of view it is the possibility to ensure that all participants “take home” the same relevant core contents.



Leading teams „to go“

In the following you find the transfer card to the training topic Leading teams. It’s matched with the workshop contents of our two-day-training and contains an overview about the following topics, ready “to go”:

  • Indicators of a successful team
  • Development phases of a team
  • Role allocation in a team

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Preview - Learning transfer card - Leading teams

Application of this measure

You may use the transfer card at your convenience in any of your internal trainings. It fits perfect for any trainings related to leading teams and employees.

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The above linked transfer card is from our 2-day-training Leading teams which is available as a single training or as module F3 from the Course in the practice of: Competency as a new leader in our open training program.

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Learning transfer platform

The transfer card is part of our proven MDI learning processes which we customize together with the relative HR department following individual challenges and needs. The whole process is displayed, accompanied, managed and measured on our online learning transfer platform.

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You are looking for targeted learning transfer measures for your next inhouse training?

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