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Welcome in our learning transfer and training area for the target group of new leaders. Here we grant a look behind the scenes of our international leadership trainings and show you how to approach development in order to guarantee learning transfer.

If you happen to be a new leader yourself this is also your personal development area.

You may use any material at your own convenience and for free!

Learning videos

Video impulse: Self and time management rocks!

Do both the sand of tiny little tasks you have to do every day and the big rocks of important things you want to do fit in your bowl of time?

Video impulse: Say what you mean to get what you want

Did you know that your subconscious does not understand the word no? MDI trainer and managing partner Masha Ibeshitz-Manderbach presents the way to says what you mean in order to ghet what you want.




Why to use learning videos?

Learning videos are the perfect measure to

  • prepare content for an upcoming training
  • clarify content during a training
  • refresh content after a training
  • and to give valuable impulse for on-the-job application of learned content.

For trainings our MDI learning videos are always provided on our learning transfer platform.


Transfer card – Situative leadership

Cover transfer card lateral leadership

The 2-page transfer card summarizes the four development levels of employees and linkes them with four appropriate leadership styles. This concept of situative leadership is a perfect base for new leaders – the transfer card takes the content from the training right into daily work.



What is a transfer card?

Transfer cards are a MDI standard measure to guarantee the knowledge transfer of learned and heard content. Participants receive them at the end of training sessions in a handy format (DIN A5). The cards display the most important content of a training session and therewith are the ideal tools to take learned content right to everyday work life.


You have questions about the provided material or want to talk about learning transfer measures for your internal trainings?

Our consulting team is looking forward to compare notes with you.