Working @ MDI means…

…having breakfast together.

Breakfast @ MDI

Every Monday, we sit, chat and start into the new week with a cozy breakfast - psonsored by MDI.

…having lunch together.

Lunch Fix @ MDI

Our "Lunch Fix" has really grown on us. Every Wednesday we order food at a different restaurant in Vienna and have our lunch togehter. MDI sponsors 3€/person.


Always a snack ready to hand

There are always fruit, nuts and cookies available for little breaks during the day.


MDI regular's table

Once a month, when it's time again for the MDI regular's table, we visit one of the many cool restaurants near our office - sponsored by MDI. We eat, let our work be work and exchange toughts on live and things that make us happy.

…lapping in the Happel-Stadion.

MDI @ Business Run

We use the yearly Business Run as a team event to exhaust ourselfes and grow as a team.

…celebrate the parties as they come.

Parties @ MDI

While we dine festively and dance joyfully during our yearly Christmas party, our Summer Party leads us to creative outdoor challenges in and around vienna, good food and the one or another drink.

…Celebrating birthdays.

Geburtstag @ MDI

With music, sparkling wine, munchies and all our dear team colleague.


…always exchanging.

Your happiness is important to us

In regular short surveys via TeamEcho, you have the opportunity to give anonymous feedback, share your honest opinion and let us know what really matters to you.

…working flexibly.

Flexible working hours

In most professional areas at MDI there aren't strict core working times, begin and end of your work day can be put flexibly the way that fits your life. That's our contribution to work-life-harmony within our team.

…not always being in the office.

Home Office

MDI employees can use up to 40% Home Office time to work exactely where they want: at home at their desk, in a café or at the beach.

… to live feedback & development.

Development Talks

Once a quarter leader and direct employee meet to have a development talk, to identify growing potential and development measures. Feeback is a fixed part of our culture and is intensified during the half-yearly leader-feedback-talk.

…working Tools for digital productivity.

Tools & gadgets

When starting at MDI every employee is equipped with a laptop and mobile phone. Furthermore we constantly develop our digital productivity solutions and use tools as Kanban-Flow, Google Docs and a cloud-based database.


…participating in discussions.

Joining in discussions @ MDI

We believe that the best results come from a mixture of top-down and bottom-up and having everybody joining in discussions - manifested in our interanl goal system OKR.

…growing together.

Agile Leadership Forum

Once a year we use the Agile Leadership Forum as an intensive, two-day, development-platform around the topic of agile leadership and leadership in the digital transformation. All employees are very welcome to join.

…having a huge network.

MDI trainers

Over 200 trainers worldwide connect exchange and cooperation. Added to this we have international clients from all industries, MDI partners and strong cooperational partners that offer solutions together with us.

…having an impact.

Social projects @ MDI

We support the wonderful work of Unicef. Since many years now we abstain from sending Christmas presents and rather donate to international eaducational concepts. There's also a charity campaign around the Agile leadership Forum that supports Unicef and their "Water for Syria" project.