Digital learning experiences.
From e-learning nuggets to online leadership programs.


Face-2-face training alone is usually no longer sufficient to accompany leaders on their development paths and with every technological innovation the possibilities to shape digital learning experiences increase. As well do the expectations that participants have of the learning content. The following solutions currently have the best resonance with HR managers and leaders.

Our digital offerings

Lerning transfer plattform Promote®


The key benefits of the Promote® learning transfer platform are measurable transfer security and controlling of the participants’ development status, which can be called up at any time.

The underlying problem is that often only a few (specifically one out of six) training participants actually put what they have learned into practice in their daily work. This wastes both time and financial resources. Promote® comes into play in order to exploit the full potential of training measures.



All benefits at one glance


➮ Guaranteed learning transfer
➮ Visibility of individual learning targets and your progress
➮ Support in the implementation before, during and after the training
➮ Networking and learning in groups, with trainers, participants, and supervisors
➮ User-friendly interface, as well as easy administration and adaption
➮ E-learning units (Videos, quizzes, …)
➮ Practical focus on the face-2-face training through effective tasks before and after the training
➮ Optional integration of leaders as learning companions


Interested now?


Cross-location and cross-national teams are the rule today, and further training courses must also follow this situation. Not least in order to reduce the time and money spent on elaborately designed face-to-face events on a case-by-case basis. We work very successfully with the Adobe Connect software and have developed didactics and know-how to convey learning content and impulses in the digital classroom in a compact, entertaining and effective way,

All benefits at one glance

➮ Training measures are location- and time-independent
➮ Focus on interaction: a pure online presentation rarely leads to the goal; we focus on interaction and playful access to learning content
➮ Technical support: so that trainers and participants can concentrate purely on content, each webinar is accompanied by a technical facilitator
➮ Different areas of application: whether as the kick-off of development programs, learning unit between presence appointments, follow-up or even individual measures on a special topic – webinars bring added value

At MDI, we also regularly offer open webinars on all aspects of executive development. Find out more about our open program.

eLearning Pool

How can executives and companies gain access to the best leadership e-learnings on the market as quickly and easily as possible? In an intensive analysis of this question, we have created a pool of e-learnings around leadership topics – practical and easily accessible as a web page.

Partly created by ourselves, but mainly compiled by partners with high-quality standards, you will find eLearning elements ranging from classic leadership, leadership for new executives to leadership in digital transformation. You acquire these units individually and on exactly those topics that are relevant to your company.



All benefits at one glance


Leadership Focus: the contents refer exclusively to leadership topics
➮ Unit prices: buy only a certain number of e-Learnings you need for your training
➮ Direct access: the videos can easily be sent to the participants via a link or embedded in their own LMS
➮ Quality control: our team guarantees content and technical standards for every eLearning unit and provides you with individual support

E-Learning nuggets

Due to the increasing use of smartphones, micro and mobile learning has become more and more popular in recent years. Short video clips, infographics or quiz apps are a good way to convey learning content in short steps and small units. We integrate e-learning nuggets into your training measures, which not only increases the learning effectiveness but also the entertainment factor.

All benefits at one glance

➮ Quick, entertaining learning units
➮ Access anytime, anywhere and from any device
➮ Diverse use, from the support of larger learning formats to pointed individual measures
➮ A contemporary form of further education and high acceptance on the part of participants
➮ Time- and location-independent

Online courses and digital leadership programs

Digital learning units alone can already offer added value – you can unfold their full power as an individually designed digital learning journey lasting over a certain period of time.

We would be pleased to give you an insight into our approach and examples.