Super species Lateral Leader

Super species Lateral Leader

Lateral leadership means leading without disciplinary power. The species Lateral Leader more and more claims its place amongst the roles in modern organisations and with it the challenges and chances the lateral leadership style brings along.

To be a successful lateral leader a lot of skills and competencies are needed, far beyond classical leadership tools, in order to smooth potential resistances, to win the employees’ favour and to master projects both with complex teams and tasks. Therefore, those who have success with this challenge really earn the term super-species. In the following you find a description of the up-and-coming lateral leaders.


#MondayLead: Smiling does the trick – Winning your employees’ favour (Part one)

Most certainly each of you has a certain image in mind of how to be and how to be perceived as an employee or a leader. Confident multi-tasker, popular colleague, appreciated expert, highly approved boss. Furthermore the one to stay calm in any stressful situation and the one who always knows a trick or tip to execute things a little bit better.

Each Monday, in our rubric “#MondayLead – Your weekly development” we present a little task or inspiration to you aiming at enriching your working life and making your following week as a leader easier. Any task is explained succinctly to be immediately applicable in practice.

If you internalise the key messages of the tasks and implement them in your working life you’ll be able to watch “Your weekly development”.

Have fun with your personal growth!


First week’s task is as easy as effective – Meet your employees with a smile!

Implement the “right” things – 4 key steps for successful execution

In a rapidly changing corporate environment it is absolutely essential to continually adapt the organization´s strategy. However, studies have shown that 90% of corporate initiatives do not fail as a consequence of strategic change but due to negligent or deficient execution. Execution implies implementing the “right” things for the organization´s success.

In the following photo story leadership expert Gunter Fürstberger explains the four key steps in making execution of the “right” things easier.

Marion Mihatsch – “For me sustainability ranks first!”

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 14.25.58Since the beginning of this year Marion Mihatsch is managing partner and has recently started to act in the role of authorized officer as well. Congratulations from the entire MDI Team!

Marion Mihatsch – “For me sustainability ranks first!”

For more than 10 years she has worked in different areas of responsibility. At the moment she is Senior Training & Development Consultant in a team lead function, member of the MDI Leadership Circle und responsible for Finances and HR. “In the past years Marion made a valuable contribution to the success and growth of our company. Her structured and persistent approach has often challenged and developed us in terms of quality”, says Gunther Fürstberger – MDI Managing Director.


More competence for even better quality

As of now, our trainer of many years Alexandra Sock in the new role of managing partner strengthes the MDI Management Team.

Alexandra Sock – „Carrying passion for learning out to the world“

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 14.21.21In October 2014, Alexandra Sock was appointed shareholder and managing partner and as a first step in her new role will be responsible for business development in Western Austria and Bavaria. Besides working as a trainer and consultant (with more than 1500 days of training experience) she will steer business development in this region.

“I am very much looking forward to shaping the strategy and future of the organization in cooperation with my valued colleagues and partners of MDI. In the past 10 years I have had the pleasure of making various positive experiences with all of them”, says Alexandra Sock.Development Specialist for more than 14 years


How leaders tear down walls

Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Gunther Fürstberger, author and managing director of MDI, talks about the significance of the fall of the Berlin Wall with regards to leadership and leaders.

The fall of the Berlin Wall marked more freedom and a better form of cooperation and co-existence for millions of people. In terms of leadership this could be a symbol for widening horizons and being open for new influences.


Photo-Story: New Leaders – Part 2

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

this is the second part of our series for new leaders. We have asked Rüdiger Tesar, certified management trainer und Managing Partner at MDI, for the requirements of a successful change of leader.

Am I on the right way?

Rüdiger 2.1


„Rüdiger, in the first part of our series, we focused on the first 100 days. What is important after that, from your point of view?”


„After the first phase of growing into the new role, from my point of view, it is important to reconcile. Clear values and objectives guide and lead me as a leader. After these 100 days, you should pause for a moment and check whether you are on the right way – and, if necessary, adjust it.”