Most certainly each of you has a certain image in mind of how to be and how to be perceived as an employee or a leader. Confident multi-tasker, popular colleague, appreciated expert, highly approved boss. Furthermore the one to stay calm in any stressful situation and the one who always knows a trick or tip to execute things a little bit better.

Each Monday, in our rubric “#MondayLead – Your weekly development” we present a little task or inspiration to you aiming at enriching your working life and making your following week as a leader easier. Any task is explained succinctly to be immediately applicable in practice.

If you internalise the key messages of the tasks and implement them in your working life you’ll be able to watch “Your weekly development”.

Have fun with your personal growth!


First week’s task is as easy as effective – Meet your employees with a smile!


Boring, you may think, that’s self-evident! But do you also know why we chose this task for the start of our series? It’s all about “mirror neurons”. Those are certain nerve cells in our brains making us imitate behaviour while observing it at others.

For example: If someone is smiling at us very frankly and friendly we tend to reply that smile automatically. And a smile does not only create sympathy at our counterpart but it also makes ourselves joyful and positive in that very situation. This positive mood favours mutual acceptance and respect and – as a matter of fact – also contributes to successful communication and collaboration.



 Picture: © MDI Management Development Institute GmbH


So give it a try! Influence your working environment in a positive way and consciously meet your employees with a smile!


We are keen to hear about your experience.


Next week in this rubric: Little presents keep a friendship alive – Win favour with your employees (Part two).

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