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this is the second part of our series for new leaders. We have asked Rüdiger Tesar, certified management trainer und Managing Partner at MDI, for the requirements of a successful change of leader.

Am I on the right way?

Rüdiger 2.1


„Rüdiger, in the first part of our series, we focused on the first 100 days. What is important after that, from your point of view?”


„After the first phase of growing into the new role, from my point of view, it is important to reconcile. Clear values and objectives guide and lead me as a leader. After these 100 days, you should pause for a moment and check whether you are on the right way – and, if necessary, adjust it.”



The difference between leadership and management

Rüdiger 2.2

„For a long time, there has been a distinction between leadership and management. What can you tell us about it?”


„I think that a good leader needs both competences. Accoding to task, company and team, a leader decides which of these two competences is needed. Leadership means inspiring people with visions, and then – as a manager – you implement these visions with the respective processes and structures in the organization.”


Rüdiger 2.4




„Could you name one of the fundamental tasks of a leader?”


„Developing employees. It is through empowerment that I enable them to follow their own way and take autonomous decisions… In a way that they might become even better than me”!





“New Leaders Program” in summer

If you are in a leadership function for the first time, our 5-day New Leaders Program in summer (18.08.-22.08.2014 in Anthering bei Salzburg) offers you the ideal basic training. You acquire the skills that are expected from you in your new role within a short time frame.

You work with top trainers on topics that are relevant for your new tasks: state-of-the-art content, practical examples, case studies, role plays and group reflections. The New Leaders Program is focused on enabling you to immediately use these skills in everyday work. The new MDI Learning Transfer Platform supports you for 1 year to implement the new know-how in your work life:

  • Empowerment: self-directed, flexible learning
  • Commitment: integrating the superior as learning coach
  • Individual achievement of objectives: Setting, reviewing and evaluating goals
  • Sustainability: accompanied learning process
  • Praxis: effective training that can be practised and applied
  • Learning network: exchange of experience, peer coaching and cooperative case discussions
  • Learning success: transparency and measurement of the learning success

Your benefits:

  • Compact and practice oriented
  • Long-term learning success due to the MDI Integrated Learning Transfer Platform
  • Transfer manual and final coaching

If you would like to know more about the New Leaders Program, please feel free to contact Bettina Mayrhofer by e-mail ( or telephone (+43/1/524 17 17-16).

The next dates for our open seminars

Key Account Management
26.06.-27.06.2014; Berlin (Germany)
24.09.-25.09.2014; Salzburg
11.11.-12.11.2014; Ludwigsburg (Germany)

New Leaders Program
18.08.-22.08.2014; Anthering bei Salzburg (Austria)

New in Germany: Leadership advanced
24.09.-25.09.2014; Frankfurt (Germany)

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