3 Key Takeaways From a 3-Week Online Congress

3 Key Takeaways From a 3-Week Online Congress

The 33. Metaforum SummerCamp in Italy was quite differently from any other camp, realized since Bernd started the movement in the 1980s. People from all over the world – literally from Germany to Australia – joined a 3-week online congress. Our MDI Solution Developer Dominik Etzl shares with us the “3 Key Takeaways from a 3-week online congress” of this new and major virtual experience.


Implement the “right” things – 4 key steps for successful execution

In a rapidly changing corporate environment it is absolutely essential to continually adapt the organization´s strategy. However, studies have shown that 90% of corporate initiatives do not fail as a consequence of strategic change but due to negligent or deficient execution. Execution implies implementing the “right” things for the organization´s success.

In the following photo story leadership expert Gunter Fürstberger explains the four key steps in making execution of the “right” things easier.

MDImpulse – Self-Leadership „It starts with you!”

Have you made lots of plans for 2015, have you set yourself new goals? For many of us this is part of the New Year´s tradition just like pouring lead, giving away marzipan piglets or listening to the New Year´s Concert. Nevertheless, from experience we know that the implementation often fails. According to a study* 7 out of 10 New Year´s resolutions are not kept.

In keeping with the motto “Self-Leadership – It starts with you!” we would like to provide you with an impulse for the successful achievement of your goals. “The implementation of our plans is feasible if we address the right issues. Self-Leadership starts with oneself”, says Gunther Fürstberger, Managing Director of MDI, in his current book “Self-Leadership”.



The holiday season is approaching and we are looking back on another successful and exciting year for MDI.
Thank you very much for the pleasant and fruitful partnership in 2014.

We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Once again we decided to support the UNICEF initiative “Let us learn” instead of providing our customers with gifts.



Interview: Leadership can be an “important social lever”

1In the December issue of Trainingaktuell Gunther Fürstberger talks about leadership as a social lever and about the roots and distinctive features of MDI.

He describes MDI´s attitude concerning leadership as follows:

“We are convinced that responsible and conscious leadership can be an important social lever as leaders are multipliers.”

Click here to read the entire interview.