Have you made lots of plans for 2015, have you set yourself new goals? For many of us this is part of the New Year´s tradition just like pouring lead, giving away marzipan piglets or listening to the New Year´s Concert. Nevertheless, from experience we know that the implementation often fails. According to a study* 7 out of 10 New Year´s resolutions are not kept.

In keeping with the motto “Self-Leadership – It starts with you!” we would like to provide you with an impulse for the successful achievement of your goals. “The implementation of our plans is feasible if we address the right issues. Self-Leadership starts with oneself”, says Gunther Fürstberger, Managing Director of MDI, in his current book “Self-Leadership”.

* carried out by the Universities of Stanford and Zurich

MDImpulse – Write down your New Year´s resolutions today

By clicking on this link you will find a card to print. Use it to write down your five most important New Year´s resolutions. The card can be used as a bookmark or serve as a reminder on your desk, the pinboard, etc. What is more, define which first steps you will realize as quickly as possible – preferably this week.

We wish you every success in the implementation of your New Year´s resolutions!

Huge opportunity: Win an MDI qualification in Brazil

For people who make up their minds quickly we will award a place in the certified qualification program as a systemic coach to the value of more than € 2,000. The program takes place in Brazil and lasts from January 25 until February 11, 2015. Send an email to Gunther Fürstbergerand win the price!

Under the supervision of Gunther Fürstberger and Tilman Peschke the training course will be offered in English and Portuguese. For more information regarding the program click here or contact Gunther Fürstberger.


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