To accompany new leaders in the first months of their new role is one of the most exciting challenges we face every day. We asked our participants how they feel in our trainings and talked with Holger Hammer, department manager at Heidenheimer Zeitung, about his experience with the Course in the practice of: Competency as a new leader.

The challenge

Please think back at the situation right before the training course: What was your biggest challenge as a new leader?

The biggest challenge was that part of our team already is much longer in the company and also older than me. My new situation and relation to the management was also challenging. On the other hand, from the other leaders and department managers I was accepted from the first moment on.


Why did you choose the MDI course for your personal development? What is important for you in terms of further education?

Our management realized the challenge above and made the suggestion. Base was also the preparation of a personality profile.

When it comes to further education it is important for me that I get concrete tools to master challenging situations as well as daily working processes.

In the past I already visited different trainings but most of them have been rather lectures than practical training and exercise.


Content and methods

Which contents/methods were particularly valuable for you daily work?

The most use- and helpful tools are “Successful in the first 100 days”, the delegation checklist, the time management matrix, the target circle, “Communication of tasks” and the “Circle of influence”. And I also use the “Development steps” and the “personality model”. With these tools I gained a lot of self confidence and was able to initiate change within a pretty short time. With my teams I tried to little steps instead of big changes all at one. And one example where this worked out are our team meetings. Today I am the indisputable leader in these meetings, I am prepared and even without participation of the management I am the moderator and encourage everyone to share thoughts and to discuss. Half a year ago that was unthinkable.


During the learning process you worked with the online platform Promote: How did you experience it? How did the platform help? What have been possible challenges?

Taking a look at the platform is my daily routine every morning. The platform is open the whole day. I can see previous results in reaching my goals and I can add new goals and personal challenges. I also use the resources on the platform, especially the photo protocols. I printed some of the sites, laminated them and pinned them on the wall next to my desk. When I experience a challenging situation we also treated in the training I take a look at the photos. To remember the training situation is a big help while facing current challenges. Furthermore it was a help to compare notes with the other training participants and to hear their and the trainers’ tips and experience regarding my daily work and regarding future challenges.

I was a little unassertive concerning the conversations with my line manager. But I found a way to go for me and therefore it is also a big help now and I get feedback on any conversation.

By doing the training course I gained more self-confidence. It changed my own behaviour as well as my behaviour towards employees and other people. Especially the tools “Circle of influence vs. circle of concern”, “The delegantion zoom”, “Success for the first 100 days” and “DiSC” lead me now. In my private life the workshop also had positive impact. I complied with a local clubs plea to be candidate for the first chairman. To be elected confirmed my action and that again hat positive impact on my role in the organisation and in our team.

Holger Hammer

Department manager, Heidenheimer Zeitung

Course in the practice of: Competency as a new leader

This course is made to accompany new and future leaders in the first months of their new role and – in three modules – treats the topics leadership basics, successful communication and leading teams.

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