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Leadership Basics - Course in the practice of: Competence as a new leader

Leadership Basics (Module F1)

Leading oneself and others effectively

Leading oneself AND each individual employee is one of the greatest challenges as a manager. Based on the examination of the requirements for your managerial role, you will develop methods and tools for effective self-management. The model of situative leadership supports you in actively developing the competency and motivation of your employees and guide their performance.


  • Preliminary online work: personal definition of goals, preparatory tasks, MDI management style analysis
  • Training: 2 days
  • Online follow-up: transfer tasks, controlling of goals, follow-up webinar including check of result

Learning content

  • Role and responsibilities as a manager
  • Definition of where you stand and reflection on the new role
  • Requirements for managers – acting between hierarchies
  • Finding the right balance between leadership and management responsibilities
  • Methods and tools for effective self-management
  • Situativel leadership – benefits and principles
  • The 4 development stages – competency and motivation of employees
  • The 4 management styles – leadership action with orientation on tasks and employees
  • Performance management – the manager as development coach
  • MDI management style analysis

Target group

  • (Junior) Managers
  • New leaders