Organisations talk about commitment a lot: We need more commitment! The team is fully committed! There was a lack of commitment. … and so on. Especially in lateral leadership the question about commitment of teammates and stakeholders is key. But why? And how does commitment come about?


Using an inspiring example from history, Gunther Fürstberger, expert on lateral leadership and longtime trainer and coach, explains the possibly most extreme form of commitment, links it to business reality and shows how commitment can even be calculated.

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Aim's Grid - Target tool for lateral leaders

Video: The Aim's Grid - Practical target tool

We all know the situation: Marketing is pointing in one direction, Sales in another. The purchase department follows their own goals and the product development department anyway. So everyone is leading to another point. Just as in our video, simply asking “Where is North?”.

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Emotionally intelligent leadership

Emotionally intelligent leadership

Recognizing emotions and dealing with them the right way – this is a key challenge for modern leaders and project guarantors. We’d like to give you an overview of the topic which went from taboo to trendy and collected some inspirations on how to deal with emotions at the workplace.

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Reflexion work: Circle of influence vs. Circle of concern

Reflection work: Circle of concern vs. circle of influence

You are a leader – lateral or hierarchical – who is supposed to manage a team? But you feel like you cannot act the way you want to or the way people expect you to? Because there are so many things that hinder you? Take a look at the circle of concern and circle of influence.

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