We all know the situation: Marketing is pointing in one direction, Sales in another. The purchase department follows their own goals and the product development department anyway. So everyone is leading to another point. Just as in our video, simply asking “Where is North?”.

The Aim’s Grid: Defining goals – Explaining goals


First of all you need to be clear about an upcoming project or an idea as well as about the linked intentions. Done that, it’s often enough to explain your goal and goal dimension to your relevant stakeholders and team mates in order that everyone is capable to go in the same direction.

The aim’s grid is one of the most simple and effective practical tools to do so. Containing the four dimensions result, purpose, costumer and success criteria it shows all relevant goal parameters, shows interdependencies between them and therefore safes a lot valuable time in the end.

Source of the model: Coverdale Team Management Deutschland GmbH

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