The Power of Purpose Driven Leadership

The Power of Purpose Driven Leadership

In the past five years, there has been an enormous increase in interest in purpose driven leadership. For many business experts and consultants, including our purpose expert Regina Rosenstatter, purpose driven leadership is the key to more success and satisfaction for companies, leaders and employees.

Why it is even more important to talk about Purpose in times of crisis

The current COVID crisis has made life even more challenging for both companies and their employees. The topic of self-leadership is currently in high demand. Evaluate your own leadership mission, your own leadership approach and be clear about what form of leadership is effective for your company.

Central questions are how to maintain the relationship with your team and individual team members in the virtual world and how to maintain the work performance and motivation over a prolonged period without physical contact. The challenge for managers is not primary to control goals, but rather to be able to maintain a sense of belonging in the team and to the company despite the distance.

And this is exactly where a common why, a common purpose – a common goal – can be more important than ever. Pulling on one string, knowing what each person can specifically contribute.

That is why companies and leaders need a very clear understanding of why they do what they do. A crystal-clear formulation of this. Because only this common goal – a common purpose – creates a bond and maintains the relationship.

Especially in difficult times, purpose functions as an ” inner compass” and can give hope and courage to leaders and employees.