Keynote Speech on “Crosslearning – What leaders may learn from hostage negotiators”

2In an inspiring keynote speech Ernst Balla (Corporate HR voestalpine) gave an insight into innovative forms of learning for executive leaders. “This target group has seen and tried basically everything. We need to activate them.”

With the aid of crosslearning strategies, which are relevant and successful in world A, are transferred and implemented in another context – in world B, the business world. Following examples how strategies successfully work in wildlife, vegetation and technology he introduced three successful projects:


Future trends in leadership development

4In three expert workshops the international MDI trainer and consulting team together with experts, partners and customers like Mondi, RHI, voestalpine and Telekom A1 worked on the following questions:

Topic 1: Strategic leadership development 3.0 – where are we heading?

Topic 2: Evaluation of leadership development programs – how?

Topic 3: Self-directed learning, virtual and social media – leadership development in 10 years?


50 years of MDI – A journey through time, from chaos theory to web-based learning transfer

1In a refreshing manner Gunther Fürstberger – main owner and managing director of MDI – gave an overview of the last 50 years. Supported by short glances into the musical and political events of the past, he presented the main cornerstones of MDI´s development – from the foundation in 1964 by Dr. Karl Leitner to the first outdoor trainings in Austria in the 1980s, MDI congresses with keynote speakers and guests like Bill Clinton or Naomi Campbell, the first MDI subsidiary in Malaysia until today.

As a surprise guest he welcomed the former MDI managing director Dr. Rudolf Attems who shared his very personal and inspiring input regarding leadership within the past 35 years. In the 1980s he felt that the managers had a lot of freedom regarding how they led an organization. Because of the stable environment a lot of managers were willing to experiment and try out new things. As a pioneer MDI worked with trainers like Fanita English (California), Bernd Schmid (College of Education, Heidelberg), Friedrich Cramer (Max-Planck-Institute, Göttingen), and Peter Sloterdijk on topics such as the systemic transaction analysis or chaos theory.


Photo-Story: New Leaders – Part 3

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

The following photo story with Alexandra Sock, international Management Consultant with the focus on leading teams and leadership, will show you how new leaders prepare themselves for their new role. She is one of the three trainers of 5-day New Leaders Program in summer (18.08.-22.08.2014 in Anthering bei Salzburg). Find out more about the program here.

Prepare an inauguration speech

fotost1„Alexandra, how can I prepare myself for my new role as a leader?“


„I suggest you reflect on how you would like to lead and which values are important for you. Then give an inauguration speech to your staff about the things they should know.”



Photo-Story: Why is communication as a leader so complex?

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

especially communication often represents a big challenge for new leaders.

Why is communication is so complex? We have asked Rüdiger Tesar, certified management trainer and managing partner at MDI, to explain. Please, have a look at his answers in the following photo story.

The 3 levels of communication


„Rüdiger, why can communication be such a big challenge for new leaders?“

„Because communication takes place on three levels: content, verbal and non-verbal. If, for example, the content does not conform to the other two levels, the message is mainly determined by the verbal and non-verbal components. These three levels are a total package, which a leader has to deal with.”