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especially communication often represents a big challenge for new leaders.

Why is communication is so complex? We have asked Rüdiger Tesar, certified management trainer and managing partner at MDI, to explain. Please, have a look at his answers in the following photo story.

The 3 levels of communication


„Rüdiger, why can communication be such a big challenge for new leaders?“

„Because communication takes place on three levels: content, verbal and non-verbal. If, for example, the content does not conform to the other two levels, the message is mainly determined by the verbal and non-verbal components. These three levels are a total package, which a leader has to deal with.”


Verbal and nonverbal communication


„What is the reason for verbal and non-verbal communication being so crucial?“

„Verbal and non-verbal communication correspond to human evolution. Thousands of years ago, we only used body language to communicate with others. Then, our voice developed so that we could use animalistic sounds. It was only in the last development stage that mankind developed the language. Therefore, we instinctively believe more in the original information given by our body and voice. That’s why it is extremely important to stay authentic in order to appear credible.”



Staying authentic


„How do you stay authentic?“

„You are authentic when all three levels of communication harmonize.
Linguistic content and voice, for example, are not able to compensate an artificial smile.”



New Leaders Program

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New: the techology-based MDI Learning Transfer System, for which you get a 12-month licence. This system supports you of seminars/trainings to successfully apply the new knowhow long-term. With the aid of e-learning it offers you:

  • Empowerment: self-directed, flexible learning
  • Commitment: integrating the superior as learning coach
  • Individual achievement of objectives: Setting, reviewing and evaluating goals
  • Sustainability: accompanied learning process
  • Praxis: effective training that can be practised and applied
  • Learning network: exchange of experience, peer coaching and cooperative case discussions
  • Learning success: transparency and measurement of the learning success

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The next dates for our open seminars

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