Kirkpatrick? Do we know! Training-evaluation? Do we do. Useful training-design? Of course, what else!? And measurable results? This question asked, answers become more and more quiet. Elsewise after the two-day Kirkpatrick workshop as a foundation for the bronze certification. We asked the participants of trainers, HR managers and consultants: What did you get out of the certification for yourself?


Based on the four levels of training evaluation – satisfaction of the participants, learning success, change in behaviour and business goals – the workshop delivers in detail Kirkpatrick’s New World Model on the first day. Day two is dedicated to practical experience: Based on the Kirkpatrick concept participants worked on feedback sheets and real practical training examples – long and hard thinking included.

After two days everybody was exhausted but satisfied. Why? What have you learned from the Kirkpatrick workshop? What did you get out of the workshop for you daily work?


This concept cannot only raise up L&D to the next level but also HR. It opens up the options to become a real business partner in the company and to achieve more.

– HR-Manager


Since the workshop is over I’m constantly reflecting and discover again and again new possibilities to make employee development more successful in an organisation. I’m engaged and excited.

– Trainer


For me personally, it was a great experience to expand my competences in the fields of training and consulting to be able to create and argue new solutions. Many things I did before pretty instinctivliy are now present in very analytic way. With Kirkpatrick’s step-by-step approach I got a toolbox which I will definitely use.

– Trainer


It was very interesting to see that if you use the RIGHT HR actions and strategy, you can achieve or optimise corporate goals much more effectively. For me, this raises HR up to a new level.

– Student HR management


The most important finding for me: RoE rules!!

– HR Manager


One of the biggest challenges in the development of managers and employees is the connection of training actions with business goals. On the one hand you have to strengthen the transfer into day-to-day work and on the other hand you have to evaluate a training’s impacts on the company’s success. The New World Model of Kirkpatrick is supporting us right here.

– L&D Consultant


In L&D, one of the biggest challenges is to make sustainable learning success visible for different stakeholders. The Kirkpatrick New World Model is focused on this problem and provides valuable solution approaches for external L&D consultants as well as for internal HR-experts.

– L&D Consultant


I think the KP-approach is a valuable method to measure results-oriented HR measures and to establish them in an organisation.

– HR-Manager


This model needs time to be implemented because for many people it is an enormous change in their mindset: From a mere a training provider to an organisation’s strategic business partner!

– Training Provider


The moment I understood the concept I knew: this is a paradigm shift.

– Trainer


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