Highly competent and motivated leaders, acting in favour of their organisations and therewith consequently advancing it, are a competitive advantage on the global market. Since more than 50 years we support organisations investing in the development of their leaders. In terms of international training roll-outs we have a strong new partner since 1st July 2016.

International leadership training


A global strategy plus local specifics: The formula is simple as a theory but possibly very complex when it comes to the implementation. Especially in terms of international roll-outs of leadership development programs. Since more than 50 years we from MDI work with costumers from different sectors supporting them to succeed with their training programs.  In doing so we always try to work flexibly, individually and as effective as possible. Therefore we continuously research and develop new concepts and solutions. In addition, we have strong partners – for example Promote® and Kirkpatrick Partners – with creative tools and effective methods to support us and our customers.

Today we’re glad to announce a new partnership.

Joint Venture: MDI and Haufe Akademie


When MDI and Haufe Akademie met first at Zukunft Personal in Cologne 2014, the first talks were accompanied by sympathy and trust. And we soon learned that we share the same values paired with different strengths in the field of leadership development. Today, 2 years later it’s official: MDI and Haufe Akademie, market leader in development and qualification in Germany, offer international leadership programs together. For our customers this means even more power and know-how for global program roll-outs.

„Haufe Akademie and MDI share the same values and quality standards. This quality unites us and customers can internationally benefit from it, in all their locations, from South America to China” says our CEO, Gunther Fürstberger.

Power & know-how for global leadership development programs


We’re proud of the concentrated power of MDI and Haufe, consisting of:

  • More than 140 trainers and consultants worldwide
  • Development measures in more than 50 countries and their local languages
  • Extensive offer of topics, qualifications and certifications
  • Training courses, conferences, congresses and tailor-made development formats for organisations
  • Cutting-edge learning methods including e-learning
  • Delivered worldwide from one source!

„Therewith we support our customers‘ internationalisation strategies and facilitate the development of their leaders.” says Holger Schmenger, CEO of Haufe Akademie.

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