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Leading effectively as an expert - Practical training program

Experts carry the professional know how of organisations and gain more and more importance in nowadays knowledge society. Specialists contribute to organisational goals as much as hierarchically high positioned top managers. But the experts’ development – concrete careers and appropriate development and qualification offers – often have less focus than line managers’ development.

With three modules our certification course communicates and trains the very competencies experts need to execute plans and projects across different departments.

Next date:

  • 28.09.2017-01.12.2017 (Vienna, in German)

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Transfer of Training - Certification Program

⇒ Design effective development measures,
⇒ contribute directly and measurably to company goals,
⇒ make the learning transfer of participants visible, manageable and measurable
⇒ and therewith make organizations more successful!

In the near future, HR development professionals as well as training providers will be more and more confronted with these requirements.


Seize your chance and prepare yourself now!

How it works, how each development measure can be created in the most transfer-effective way and how you can make yourself indispensable as a professional for design and evaluation of development measures that really work is part of the brand-new and worldwide unique Transfer of Training –  Certification Program.

For HR development managers, L&D professionals, trainers and training providers.


Next dates

  • Open training takes place in German. For internal training programs in English please contact us at

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Webinar: Exposure Therapy in people development

How to gain more meaning and purpose for your (business) life

In his webinar, Michael talks about the underlying psychology of confidence and self-esteem, and how using methods from Exposure Therapy as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help you and your team live a more meaningful life that is directed toward your goals and guided by your core values.

Instead of waiting “to be in the mood” to do what’s really important, ACT teaches how to increase the willingness to act despite negative thoughts and emotions through psychological flexibility. Not by changing these thoughts and feelings – but by learning ways to gain enough distance from them so that they are no longer the driving force of our behavior.

Limited participant number!

Next dates:

  • 23.02.2018, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m. (GTM +1:00; in English)

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Workshops & Trainings

Lateral leadership at eye level

Modern forms of cooperation – in flat management structures, matrix or expert organisations – require a new understanding of management. Lateral management means taking influence to reach shared goals, without the hierarchical authority of a manager.

Traditional management tools meet their limits here. Our partnership approach of lateral management provides the commitment console as an instrument for the key tasks of a lateral manager: strategy development and communication.

Next dates:

  • 28.09.-29.09.2017 (in German)

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Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program

Happy sheets are not enough! You are investing a lot of time and budget, and want to know if and how successful a development measure really is? The Kirkpatrick model is the most comprehensive model on the market for the evaluation of the effectiveness of HR development measures.

Of the 4 levels of the training evaluation – participant satisfaction, learning success, change in behavior and company success, Jim Kirkpatrick puts the latter in first place. A program is successful only if it verifiably and measurably supports reaching the company goals.

As the only Kirkpatrick partner in the German language region, we offer HR developers, consultants and trainers the possibility to learn the original Kirkpatrick methodology and find out how they can contribute to maximizing corporate results from now on by application of the “New World Model”.

Our 2-day workshop with the certified Kirkpatrick Trainer Masha Ibeschitz-Manderbach is the basis for the Kirkpatrick Bronze certification.

Next dates:

  • 25.01.-26.01.2017 (Gaildorf, Germany, in German) – for BDVT members only
  • 09.04.-10.04.2018 (Vienna) – in German
  • 06.11.-07.11.2018 (Vienna) – in English

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Transfer Tools & Interventions - Levers of Transfer Effectiveness®

The Levers of Transfer Effectiveness are 12 scientifically proven and practically steerable factors influencing the transfer success of development measures. To know them means to be able to develop tailor-made tools and interventions for every development measure – individual transfer concepts to accurately stimulate the transfer effectiveness of each development measure.

In this training course you hear about the scientific base of the Levers but primarily learn to apply them to significantly rise the transfer success of your measures. In addition you work with the learning transfer platform Promote allowing you to digitally display, monitor and manage learning transfer.

Next dates:

  • 23.10.-25.10.2017 (in German)
  • English date coming soon

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Individual coaching


Individual coaching offers the opportunity to discuss and reflect leadership- and/or topic-related decisions or challenges.

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Julia Bröderbauer

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