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Leadership training for level-2 leaders

Leadership training for level-2 leaders

Industry: Sealing technology, Roll-out: Europe, South America

Project duration

since 2013


Program procedure & hard facts

  • Takes place once or twice a year near the headquarter
  • About 15 participants per program run
  • 4-5 involved trainers per program run
  • Three two-day modules referring to each other
  • Learning process support via learning transfer platform Promote

Program target

Participants get useful know-how and skills to be prepared for any current or future leadership challenge.


Target group

  • Level-2 leaders



Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine



Training topics

  • Situative leadership
  • Self-management
  • Target-management
  • Feedback
  • Motivation by communication
  • Conducting employee talks
  • Build trust
  • Problem solving
  • Conflict management
  • Result-orientation

Learning transfer measures

Target reminder, reflection sheets, practical transfer tasks, keynote speeches, learning transfer platform promote, action plans,…


Starting situation and project insights

The organisation and its subsidiary companies is about to grow. To strengthen the leaders in this complex context and to prepare them for any possible leadership challenges a tailor-made leadership program fitting to the organisation’s values should be designed and performed.

Together with our customer and all relevant stakeholders we created the so-called leadership excellence program for level-2 leaders. We from MDI contributed content design, conception of the learning process and transfer measures, trainer choice and train the trainer as well as production and distribution of the training material and finally the realisation, evaluation and documentation of the leadership program.

Each year about 15 level-2 leaders are nominated by their line managers to be part of the program. A team of four or five trainers accompanies them through all the modules. Between the modules they receive coaching and support on the learning transfer platform Promote.

The feedback-evaluations of the program indicate the importance and success of the program and within the target group a lot of interests and requests attest to its usefulness and suitability for daily use.

Special challenges

If participants from many different countries meet for several joint training days, language always is a challenge. In most instances English is the only logical language choice being the common denominator. Nevertheless it’s always possible that the one or other participant does not speak or understand English well enough to follow training contents. At the same time – and as well in this program – you also have participating native speakers. To meet all the different language needs is nearly impossible for a trainer in the classroom.

For this project, the solution is a cooperation with a language institute. Before a training starts the institute does language classification tests with the potential participants. If they reach a certain language level they can participate. If not they receive English coachings and can try it again one year later.