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Transfer Tools & Interventions

Levers of Transfer Effectiveness®

Tailor-made transfer concepts instead of run of the mill measures


Are you familiar with the assumed “do-it-and-it-works” solutions for learning effectiveness?

  • Let manager and participant meet to talk about expectations and goals and the training will work!
  • Use transfer tasks or the „Letter to myself“ and implementation in practice is guaranteed!


Experience shows: Single interventions are not a guarantor for transfer success because not every measure fits to every organization. “One size fits all” does not exist here! But the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness exist.

The Levers are 12 scientifically proven and practically steerable factors influencing transfer success. To know them means to be able to develop tailor-made tools and interventions for every development measure – individual transfer concepts to accurately stimulate the transfer effectiveness of each development measure.

And: With the learning transfer platform Promote you get to know and use an intuitive online tool to digitally display your individual transfer concepts, to manage them and to measure them.


  • Online pre-work: preparation tasks
  • The book (in German): “What makes trainings really effective. The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness.”
  • Training: 3 days, application on your real case
  • 6 months remote transfer support: design your own transfer concept for your real case, peer support, support by Ina Weinbauer-Heidel and the transfer effectiveness network

Module contents

The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectivenes®

  • Whereof transfer success depends – The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness
  • Transfer tools from practice for practice – How other organizations do (not) encourage transfer success
  • Exchange of learnings – Benefit from the practical experience of others
  • Transfer effectiveness in your trainings – Collection and development of concrete tools and interventions for your individual practice


Learning transfer platform Promote®

  • Overview about Promote and its features
  • Practical work with the platform
  • Instruction to publish your own learning elements


If your transfer concept is evaluated positively you receive

  • your personal certificate „Levers of Transfer Effectiveness – Certified Transfer Designer” and
  • Digital Transfer Support – Promot® Certification

Transfer targets

  • You rise the transfer effectiveness of your trainings by designing tailor-made transfer concepts for your development measures
  • Based on the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness you develop transfer tools and interventions aligned with your organization and your participants
  • By using the learning transfer platform Promote® you also digitally realize and manage your transfer tools and interventions

Module targets – After completing this module you can say….

  • I know the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness
  • I gained insights in the transfer practice of other organizations
  • We developed different tools and interventions in order to encourage transfer effectiveness
  • I have concrete ideas to increase the transfer success of my trainings

Target groups

  • Human Resource Development
  • Learning & Development managers
  • Learning & Development consultants
  • Trainers

Your trainer

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel is DEO of the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness and developer of the Control Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. As an author, researcher, trainer and consultant she works with passion on linking transfer reasearch and practice by making scientific results applicable for the practice.

Transfer Tools & Interventions - Levers of Transfer Effectiveness®

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