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Einstieg in OKR

Introduction to OKR!
Successful corporate and employee management with well-defined objectives and key results!

Leading like Silicon Valley’s top leaders. Successful examples such as Google, Facebook & Co. are often considered as desirable and now seem to be within reach with the OKR system. Based on well-defined objectives and key results, this agile framework stands for successful corporate and employee management.

It gives us the opportunity to react adequately to today’s flexible and insecure business world and allows us to find individual solutions for different challenges – together as a team.

Our interactive webinar will introduce you to the topic, will give you a theoretical overview and realistic approaches for leaders.


  • What is OKR? Differences in other management approaches
  • OKR tools: OKR cycle, OKR master, OKR meeting structure etc.
  • Experience exchange: how did we implement OKR at MDI?

Target group:

  • Everyone looking to broaden their horizons
  • Everyone interested in learning more about agile tools
  • Leaders who want to make their organization more agile


approx. 45 minutes + following Q&A

Your trainer

Insa Meier

Insa Meier

Insa Meier works as a training & development consultant at MDI since 2013. She is a certified OKR master since February 2017 and is as well the OKR master at MDI. She helped to introduce OKR, accompanies the OKR process at MDI and presents the OKR meetings.

Register for the webinar (in English)

15th of September
at 10 a.m. (GMT+01:00)
in English