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Exposure Therapy in people development
How to gain more meaning and purpose for your (business) life

In his webinar, Michael talks about the underlying psychology of confidence and self-esteem, and how using methods from Exposure Therapy as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) can help you and your team live a more meaningful life that is directed toward your goals and guided by your core values.

Instead of waiting “to be in the mood” to do what’s really important, ACT teaches how to increase the willingness to act despite negative thoughts and emotions through psychological flexibility. Not by changing these thoughts and feelings – but by learning ways to gain enough distance from them so that they are no longer the driving force of our behavior.

What we are going to cover:


  • How playful exercises help to confront fears
  • The science behind exposure therapy
  • The unique approach of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy in dealing with negative thoughts and feelings
  • Short exercises to practice the concepts

Target group:


  • Everyone who is held back by their negative thoughts and emotions
  • Everyone who struggles with procrastination and short-term gratification
  • Everyone who wants to raise their confidence and self-esteem



90 minutes including exercises, followed by Q&A’s

Your trainer

Michael Herold

Michael Herold

Michael Herold is an executive coach at Comfort Zone Crusher, where he is using evidence-based psychotherapy methods to help clients live a confident life that is in line with their goals and values.

Register for the webinar (in English)

23rd of February
at 9:30 a.m. (GMT+01:00)
in English