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Design Thinking Activation Workshop

Design Thinking – Activation workshop
Invoke your innovation and problem solving potential

Design Thinking is a creative and solution-oriented approach to working and thinking as a leader or team. With special methods it helps to reduce the complexity of today’s world and to solve difficult problems and challenges in a very off-the-wall way.


Many big and international companies already follow the trend where top-managers play with toy blocks and developers visit their customers personally to experience their needs and expectations face to face. Of course, these are only examples because Design Thinking acts far away from standardized answers and on-fits-all solutions. Therewith it also correlates with the common wish to fully unfold the potentials of human performance and productivity.


In our one-day activation workshop you get to know this fascinating method in detail. We’ll cover the theoretical aspects of the concept and then we’ll immediately start to put into practice what we learned together. We work on your personal challenges and help you to recognize potential for your own work as a leader as well as for your entire organization. Therewith you learn to apply the very unusual but also very structured method in your organization and your team. Working with flexible rooms and multidisciplinarity, you’ll also get to know a total new way of work.

Workshop content

  • What is innovation?
  • Theory behind the hype: Design Thinking as innovation and problem solving method
  • 6 steps of Design Thinking
  • Methods of the 6 steps in detail
  • Practical application tips and examples for managers and leaders
  • Work on your personal case/challenge

Learning targets

  • You know what innovation means for you and your organization.
  • You understand the theory and impact of Design Thinking.
  • You recognize and evaluate potentials for you as a leader and for your organization and start to work with the first methods.
  • You get to know a new way to work.
  • You learn to apply practical methods you can implement right the next day.


  • Online pre-work: Definition of your individual goals, pre-reading, first approach to the topic
  • Workshop: 1 day with practical exercises
  • Online follow-up: Transfer tasks supporting your application in practice, evaluation of your individual goals

Target group

  • Managers and leaders of all levels who want to approach Design Thinking in a straightforward and practical way
  • HR managers who want to experience a new method and recognize potential for the own organization
  • HR managers looking for new development solution for their employees, managers and leaders, expecially in relation with agile leadership


Your trainer

Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz

Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz

Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz is always looking for new topics and solution for today’s and tomorrow’s leadership challenges. She is working as international leadership trainer since many years and specializes in team development, negotiation techniques, konflict management, intercultural competence, communication, motivation, change management and management strategy.

Design Thinking Workshop (in German)

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    Workshop takes place in German!
    For information in German click here.

    Ask the trainer:

    What else do you have to know about Design Thinking?

    What is Design Thinking?

    Ursula Weixlbaumer-Norz: First of all it is a new design process consisting of 6 levels. Each level includes different methods, which can be chosen depending on the challenges and the own problem-solving competence. Furthermore it is an agile way of working and thinking that can unleash an enormous potential in leaders, teams and companies.


    Are there studies or best practice examples about the effectiveness of Design Thinking?

    The HPI School just published a new study. 71 percent of the respondents say that Design Thinking has improved the working culture, especially in the team. 69 percent say that the innovation process has become much more efficient and for 48 percent the involvement of users or consumers of future products and services happens more frequently.


    What do leaders need to profit from the workshop?

    They need the courage to change and the will to engage in new and agile ways.


    Why is this topic important to you personally?

    I started as a start-up myself and have been working as an entrepreneur for many years. This is why I am always looking for new methods that simplify daily management challenges. On the one hand for myself, but also especially for the leaders I accompany as a trainer. I am convinced that Design Thinking is an effective opportunity to solve problems and challenges in a strategic and structural way.


    After the workshop: What do you as a trainer want that all the participants have learned and take home with them?

    My goal is that the participants are able to use the specific tool-kit we worked out during the workshop right from the next day. And last but not least: Having fun is also a very important point.

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