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MDI - Inhouse Training

Inhouse leadership training.

Creating impact directly inside your organisation.

We accompany the leadership development of clients worldwide – since 1964. Based on partnership with our customers we develop and implement concepts and solutions of superior quality. Individual – effective – sustainable.

How we support your inhouse measures

Target-oriented consulting

Our experienced consultants perceive customer support as an all-around-service and will always ask you: Which results do you want to achieve with the intended measures? How can we support you reaching your goals?

Choice of the right formats and tools

Based on your requirements and goals we help you to choose the right topics, event formats and tools. Units might be:

  • Face-to-face training (workshop, seminars…)
  • Large group events
  • Coaching
  • Preparation measures
  • Transfer measures
  • eLearning elements
  • webinars
  • keynote speeches

Local, international and global roll-out

We are specialising in the international roll-out of leadership programs. With our measures we support you locally, internationally and globally – in the respective national language.

Our criteria for your success

  • Sustainable development measures by goal orientation, practice orientation and knowledge transfer during the whole process
  • Proven methods matched with the special needs of your organisation, participating groups and individuals
  • Coordination of the development contents with relevant stakeholders across all hierarchies
  • Effective learning experiences by personal experience on individual an organisational level
  • Experienced trainers suiting your organisation

Particular criteria for international programs:

  • Realisation in national languages
  • Flexibility and balance between the needs of the headquarter and the national, intercultural needs of subsidiary companies
  • Intense integration of all relevant persons
  • Transparency of the whole process

Target groups

We develop branch-specific concepts and measures for and with managers and experts at all levels – high potentials, future leaders, new leaders, project managers, team leaders, department managers, first line managers, group leaders, shift supervisors, operation managers, production managers, foremen, plant managers, managing directors, board members…

In doing so, we orientate ourselves by the Leadership Pipeline (according to Ram Charan, Stephen Drotter, and James Noel) and differentiate according to

  • Functions and tasks
  • Necessary competences and abilities
  • The most important attitudes and values

Common goals

Examples of past inhouse leadership training with our customers:

  • Creating an internationally applied leadership culture
  • Establishing consistent communication standards
  • Implementing new leadership standards
  • Creating a consistent understanding of leadership
  • Motivating employees and leaders
  • Strengthening leadership competences
  • Preparing employees and leaders for change
  • Accompanying leaders in change processes
  • Supporting high potentials and future leaders

Your contact

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Managing Director & Head of Business Development

Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze Level
+43 1 524 17 17 17

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