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MDI - Focus: Learning transfer

Focus: Learning transfer.

On-the-job application is our goal.

The challenge

Studies (Brinkerhoff) tell us that only one out of six participants will successfully apply what he/she learned during the training. Four participants will try once, fail and never try again. And there is always one who does not even try.

Learning transfer challenge - Illustration

How we face this challenge

All our measures are aiming at integrated learning transfer. We learned that success criteria are:

  • Clarifying the objectives – from business needs to learners´ goals
  • Designing programs with application in mind – desired behaviors in defined situations in the workplace
  • Involving the managers as “coaches” – to get things done
  • Making everything visible – before, during and after
  • Practice – effective training that can be practised and applied
  • Integrating well-proven tools – from e-learning to our Integrated Learning Transfer Platform and reflection guides in the training
  • Modern ways of learning – Social learning and peer coaching as well as target-oriented webinars are part and parcel of all our programs

Learning transfer in practice: The MDI learning transfer platform

Our web-based Integrated Learning Transfer Platform supports the participants of seminars and trainings to successfully apply the new know-how for the long-term. With the aid of e-learning the platform offers:

  • Empowerment: self-directed, flexible learning
  • Commitment: integrating the superior as a learning coach
  • Individual achievement of objectives: setting, reviewing and evaluating goals
  • Sustainability: accompanied learning process
  • Practice: effective training that can be practised and applied
  • Learning network: exchange of experience, peer coaching
  • Learning success: transparency and measurement of the learning success

Our common result

Looking at past customer projects using the platform we’ve seen a significant rise of the application quote. And in the end it’s not only one participant applying the training contents in practice but four!

Illustration - Successful learning transfer

Your contact

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Managing Director & Head of Business Development

Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze Level
+43 1 524 17 17 17

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