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We interviewed Ilse Adametz-Houston, an experienced management trainer, how lateral leaders operate successfully. She shows us her answers in the following photo story.

Critical success factors of a lateral leader




„Ilse, what are the critical success factors of a lateral leader? “


„The critical success factors are clearness (Klarheit), contact (Kontakt) and power (Kraft). But it always starts with myself. The 3-K-tool helps me to reflect my efficiency regarding these three factors. “


Building trustful relations





„How do you achieve win-win-agreements? “


„With the tool of the trust account. A withdrawal (breach of trust) can only be borne if sufficient contributions, such as e.g. keeping promises and commitments, have been made into the account.”



Identifying danger zones, potentials and power games


„Which analysis tool helps a lateral leader to identify danger zones, potentials and power games?


„He can picture his environment by means of the lateral playing field and thus defining tactics and his further approach.“



Lateral leadership in a nutshell

Lateral leadership, i.e. exerting influence without hierarchical authority, takes place in the interspaces of the organisation and is more complex than classical leadership.

Projects, for example, are more and more managed across departments or organizations – with flat hierarchical project structures. Under such circumstances, classical leadership tools are limited, whereas lateral leadership gains importance.

Lateral leadership goes far beyond harmonizing interests, tasks and functions. It includes also interacting with other persons and organizations in relation to a common goal. Thus, a lateral leader should be open to the interests and opinions of others and tolerate their ideas. It is not only about enforcing the apparently best way but to reach the greater goal together.

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