Based on the Commitment Formula and on how commitment comes about, this video gets into detail and practice. Presenting the Commitment Game Board and how it works, Gunther Fürstberger offers a practical all-purpose tool for lateral leaders helping to evaluate planned projects and to lead them to success – step by step.

The Commitment Game Board – „Playing field“ of your project


The Commitment Game Board – Handy tool for lateral leaders

As you can see in the picture above, the game board is separated by two axes: Certainty that the venture makes sense and trust in you as a lateral leader. Subdivided from -5 to +5 you can use these parameters to position your teammates and stakeholders. These positions are between the following extremes: commitment partner, commitment opponent, benevolent sceptic, adaptive player.

All-purpose tool

By listing and positioning all important teammates and stakeholder you gain insights in many different perspectives which are important for the success of your project:


  • Evaluate stakeholders in matters of your project
    Who is directly/indirectly involved in the project? How is the status quo? What to the stakeholders think of me and the planned project?
  • Evaluate yourself in matters of the project
    How is my position related to the project? Not all lateral leaders are automatically convinced of a planned project they have to take care for.
  • Preparing meetings, presentations and important conversations in a targeted way
    By knowing the positions, interests, values and possible sensitivities of all involved persons you can prepare the according communication strategies.
  • Recognize potential resistances and solve them early
    Who could cause problems during the project or could prevent the project´s success? How can I win more commitment from him/her?
  • Recognize strategic options and reasonable next steps
    By dealing with the question: How can I influence the game board and/or the individual players to rise the commitment for the project?


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