The large insurance company UNIQA planned to enable their managers to put focus on their own development as well as the development of their employees. The managers were offered the opportunity to develop the necessary mindset and to provide different methods & tools for this.

MDI offered a virtual development journey, which has now been running successfully for almost a half a year. Our experienced trainer, consultant, coach and MDI partner Regina Rosenstatter has already guided more than 100 managers successfully through the virtual master classes.

Regina Rosenstatter

Regina Rosenstatter

Co-Founder Purpose Matters, Trainer, Coach, Consultant & MDI Partner

“Especially the topic of empowering is important in times of virtual work – the manager as a coach is more relevant than ever. I am very pleased with the positive feedback. Together we make a valuable contribution to UNIQA’s corporate culture and actively help shape it to prepare for the future.”

Our journey continues with new groups at the beginning of 2021!

  • “Regina is good at engaging even typically passive participants.”
  • Regina has an immensely competent way of training; it worked very well online. Would like to meet her in a classroom setting one day.”
  • You wouldn’t believe what is possible in virtual settings, I was thrilled….
Participant Statements

We thank all for the trust and the great cooperation.

If we have sparked your interest, we would be happy to assist you as well.

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