Helena Gutierrez, MDI trainer and development guide was one of the first to do a training program with an online tool to manage and increase learning transfer – Promote. Promote is – in simple words – a platform to sustainably manage and therewith increase learning transfer. Today Helena shares her field experience with us.


One of these first projects with Promote involved the Leadership Excellence Programme of KLINGER. Helena Gutierrez accompanied 15 participants during the 3-module programme. By May 2015, the group finished its programme. We asked Helena to share her experience with the platform – please enjoy the following insights.


Transparency as a booster

“Compared to a group that did not use Promote, this group was far more prepared than those not using the benefits of the platform. They already knew the content and were prepared, which made it speedier during the training. The interaction during the seminar was of a higher quality”, so Helena Gutierrez. Helena was with the group during all modules and was able to experience all ups and downs. In her eyes, one of the elements that were most useful was the possibility to track down the performance. “Promote is very transparent, it enables the trainer as well as the other participants to see, share and compare performances. This transparency is a nice booster”, so Gutierrez.

“During the seminar, it can be a bit difficult to track down whether the participants fully grasp the content or not. On Promote, both sides have the possibility to stay on track. Participants can ask questions, communicate directly with the trainer and other participants. The trainer can support the group even outside the seminar – especially during everyday activities. “



Just the right amount of information

We asked Helena about what she thinks that could help to improve Promote. She suggested to work on the way the participants receive information and notifications about Promote when they are not online. “It would be great if we could tailor made the emails so the participants know when they receive information from me as a trainer and when they receive organisational information. They might get overwhelmed with emails and might miss some of the important ones”, so Gutierrez.


Social interaction is the favourite

So that’s for the trainer’s point of view. But what about the participants? “I have directly approached participants about Promote and every single response was very positive”, says Helena. “According to this feedback, the participants liked the fact that the platform is quite simple and that they are able to have all information in one place. They love the idea to interact with each other and especially to have direct connection to the trainers”.



Overall, Helenas’ experience was very positive. She hopes for the next group to enjoy the benefits as much as the group before did. “With the support of the MDI team, we will be able to provide and accompany a learning transfer platform with high commitment and passion”.


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