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MDI Management Development International focussing on learning effectivess

Mission, vision & values.

Why we do what we do.

Our mission

We support and enable leaders who improve their environment.

To invest in leadership development and to unlock the potential for development ensures long-term benefits for your company. Furthermore, it promotes creative solutions in a change process. MDI and our top-performing managers and experts support you on your way to a high-performance-organization.

Our vision

Sustainable leadership culture for a better world.

In the past, many organizations were ruined as a result of selfish and narrow-minded leadership. However, there are also a lot of organizations acting in a way that improves the quality of life of their employees, customers, and their environment. Behind such success, there are people – employees and leaders. Our employees at MDI put their focus on the support of all those leaders who became aware of the problems of our time and environment and who are striving for improvement. Contributing to a better world as a leader sometimes includes small things such as a smile in the office but could also mean the invention of a new, revolutionary app that changes the whole business sector. The basis to make a contribution to society as an organization is an economic success.

We at MDI support international organizations to reconcile their goals with their leadership culture. We act as consultants and support you with the implementation and revision of your leadership principles-, values-, competencies-, development and other elements of your corporate culture. A team of 150 experienced trainers and consultants all around the world ensures the same, high-quality standards in the various countries. One of our main concerns is to continuously participate in the development of knowledge of learning effectiveness and recent leadership principles.

Our values

MDI people are dedicated to quality and excellence, flexible and committed to working together as partners.

  • Quality: In all our activities, we are dedicated to implementing solutions with excellence. Read more about the MDI qualities.
  • Flexibility: We are fast and creative in searching for the right solution, process the implementation phase quickly, and react flexibly to changing needs. Find out more about our tailor-made leadership trainings.
  • Partnership: We see our customers as partners and strive for them to see us not just as a service provider but as a reliable long-term partner. A long term and trustful partnership is our approach for a collaboration with our employees, trainers, suppliers, cooperation partners and shareholders. Find out more about our clients.

Your contact

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Managing Director & Head of Business Development

Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze Level
+43 1 524 17 17 17