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Facts & figures.

What you should know about us.

We accompany leadership development since 50 years

  • international
  • with tailor-made solutions
  • for sustainable management development
  • with trainers and consultants from practice for practice


Our international team of highly experienced trainers and consultants guarantees you the highest quality of management development programs in your local language.

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Customized solutions

Our programs are based on well-proven training components and are tailor-made to meet your company’s specific needs. They help you to achieve extraordinary results and a competitive advantage.

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Sustainable development

Based on goal and practice orientation and the focus on knowledge transfer, we ensure sustainable management development for your company – both at an individual as well as at a corporate level. By doing this, we support you in raising the long-term value of your company.

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Facts and figures about us

  • since 1964 experience in Management Development
  • more than 150 trainers and coaches
  • 92% of our participants rate our trainings as excellent
  • 95% of our customers would recommend MDI to others

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Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Mag. Gunther Fürstberger

Managing Director & Head of Business Development

Kirkpatrick Certified Professional Bronze Level
+43 1 524 17 17 17