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Dear reader,

What does 2019 have in petto for us? Which changes and innovations – with all their consequences – do lie ahead? And where to invest to progress in a positive, capable of acting and successful way?

To get some thought processes running, have a look at our blog post about the 6 core changes of the digital transformation. We believe: They will play a major role in the upcoming year and beyond.

Now, when you would ask us how we answer the questions above, we like to use the metaphor of the disruption surfer. Like a surfer jumping into the waves, we as leaders in the digital transformation want to give ourselves over to the waves of the digitalization, seizing its chances and meeting its challenges with the necessary portion of courage, strategy, flexibility, tools, and heart.

And we’ll take you with us on that journey.

See and hear from you soon!

Your MDI team

The core changes of the digital disruption


As a global megatrend, the digital transformation does influence all areas of living and working. It can be extremely challenging not to lose the big picture while dealing with increased complexity. One possible way of looking at the digital disruption in a simplified way is by arranging it referring to the major changes it brings along. 

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Digital disruption core changes
Disruption surfer in the digital disruption

The disruption surfer – taking the waves of the digital transformation


Yesterday we trusted on forecasts, plans and a certain level of security, today we’re facing fluidity wherever we look. Change happens so fast that it seems absurd trying to build on solid ground. It’s much more important to be able to adapt flexibly, to react quickly and to creatively seize what comes to your circle of influence. Just like a surfer daring to jump into the waves and taking them just as they are.

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