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How to gain commitment
as a lateral leader.

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which leadership approaches suit our globally connected and constantly changing the business world?

One significant change in recent years is the diminishing importance of hierarchical leadership styles. Instead of this, lateral leadership across the organization is gaining more and more importance. Lateral leadership or rather leadership at eye level describes the way of leading people without possessing or using hierarchical power.

One key factor of lateral leadership is to win the commitment from all the people involved in a project.

Our CEO Gunther Fürstberger has been working on this topic for many years already. Besides many publications, he had developed a two-day learning process that supports lateral leaders to gain the mind- and toolset to successfully lead without hierarchical power step by step.

There are still places available for the upcoming seminar from November, the 15th until 16th. (in German)

As a little sneak peek, we put a brand new learning video in this newsletter and uploaded it on YouTube for free.

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Video: „Have“, „Be“ or „Be able“ – how high is the authority of my players?

To have, to be or to be able – there are three main sources of authority: the position-, personality, and expert authority.

Those 3 authorities can again be divided into two sub-divisions. They can provide you with information about how great the authority of yourself and your fellow players is and show you where they stand on the commitment game board.

Find out more detailed information in this video with Gunther Fürstberger – this is a little sneak peek into our online course „Leading at eye level“.

Watch the video

Leading at eye level
seminar leading at eye level

Seminar: Lateral Leadership at eye level

Find out how to gain the commitment of your colleagues to successfully achieve goals together as a team. This is the topic of the 2-day seminar “Lateral leadership at eye level”. From the 15th until the 16th of November, this seminar will take place in Vienna. The target group of this seminar is lateral leaders and experts, who want to make some impact, lead and influence without hierarchical authority.

Discuss your specific role as a leader without disciplinary power, analyze the key success factors for implementing your planned projects and learn how to use relevant communication strategies to engage your colleagues in your plans.

Note: This seminar will take place in German.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for information or dates in English.

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