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OKR as the starting signal for MDI –
What we’ve learned from 1,5 years agile leadership!


Dear reader,


2017 was an exceptional and memorable year for MDI. It was the most successful year in the company’s history. At the same time, it was the year in which we decided to introduce the agile OKR method and to leave hold of typical structures.

Today, one and a half year after the introduction of OKR, MDI has become an agile company. We’ve tried out many methods ourselves and shared our experience about the Autonomy Day, the Design Thinking Workshop and the Lego® Serious Play® Workshop with you on our blog. Now we wanted to take a look on the big whole. That’s why we asked ourselves in our latest article: how did the agile methods help us and how have they changed us as a company and as a team?

But not only in the past, a lot has had happened. Also in the future, we are facing many exciting changes. After all, we have a new cooperation partner – WhatAVenture – a Viennese consulting company that is specialized in innovative solutions and start-ups. We are also very happy that WhatAVenture will take over the module “be stragile” as part of our certification course “Agile Leadership”, starting in September 2018.

We are looking forward to offering you even more innovative and tailor-made solutions in the future!

Until then,

All the best from your MDI team

Online conference MDI agile leadership

The first MDI online conference


On the 6th of September, the first MDI online conference will take place as part of this year’s MDI Open Doors. International speakers will talk about international leadership training, the latest and most innovative trends in e-learning and the key factors that make a training successful. Each session will be 45-minutes long!

Be part of MDI’s first webinar conference!

The participation is free of charge!

 Register now!

MDI goes agile – a review


About one and a half years ago, we introduced the agile OKR method at MDI. Since then, many things have changed! We were trying our new agile methods and organized different agile team workshops. In our new article, we asked ourselves: how did agile methods help us and how have they changed us as a company and as a team?


Read the article (in German)

MDI goes agile leadership
Online conference MDI agile leadership

Book presentation August 2018:
“Impact: Develop Your People – Enhance Your Company” by Masha Ibeschitz


Masha Ibeschitz is a consultant and coach and has already worked with many leaders worldwide. She knows: employee development is not so hard. With a few basic coaching guidelines that any leader can acquire, you can turn your employees into top performers. In her new book “Impact”, she shows how coaching really works in everyday business life. This book is not only for consultants and coaching professionals but for everyone who wants to lead in an agile way and quickly give positive impulses. Among other things, the author takes a look at questions such as: “What are the benefits of coaching talks? What exactly is coaching and what not? Who is actually “coachable”?”  Based on personal stories and experiences from her coaching practice, Masha Ibeschitz gives exciting insights and tips that endure in the international business world and can be practically implemented.


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