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Unconventional exercises and
possible development processes.

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If we tell you now: put on your jacket, go out to the next pedestrian zone and lie down in the middle of the street. What would you do? Would you accept the challenge immediately or would you rather think: “You can’t just do that” or “For what should this be good for?”

Well, to find out what it can be good for, you have to take a deeper look at exposure therapy. Exercises like lying down on the street may not sound very useful in the beginning but practices like this one can actually help you to develop – personally and professionally.

In our brand new blog post, Michael Herold, who works as a comfort zone crusher, talks about the different application areas of exposure therapy and explains how this method can be used in team workshops and training.

If you would like to get a good overview of the concept, we would be very happy to see you at the free webinar „Exposure therapy in people development“ on Friday, 23rd of February.

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New blog post:


We all know this situation: if you have to face an unpleasant challenge, such as a presentation in front of many people, excuses, why you cannot do that, immediately pop up in your head. Michael Herold, a coach at the ComfortZoneCrushers, explains how to face those negative emotions and thoughts and how to overcome your fears, in our newest guest article.

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Webinar: Exposure therapy in people development


How can playful exercises help me to confront and overcome my fears? In this free webinar, Michael Herold explains the science behind exposure therapy, shows you how to confront your fears the best possible way and gives some short exercises to practice the concepts.

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