Management Development Institute

We accompany the leadership development of clients worldwide.

  • International
  • Customized solutions
  • Sustainability of
    management development
  • Trainers & consultants -
    from practice for practice
  • since 1964

Industry-sector-specific concepts

We develop industry-sector-specific concepts and actions for and with managers of all management levels and focuses on:


Self Leadership by MDI Managing Director Gunther Fürstberger 

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Integrated Learning Transfer

Our challenge

Out of 6 participants of a seminar ...

... only 1 participant applies the new know-how successfully.

... 4 participants try but fail.

... 1 participant does not even try.*
* Studies concerning effective training by Brinkerhoff.

Our answer – Integrated Learning Transfer (ILT)

Our web-based platform has been created to make your trainings and programs better by means of

  • a user-friendly interface
  • e-learning tools
  • a unique functionality.

The platform can be easily integrated into daily business.

Here you can learn more about ILT »